shuffle and shuffle

everything was falling flat

my music needs rest.

So today marks the third time I’ve listened to an album from beginning to end without skipping tracks.

smooth-sailing until
a simple act brings me
back to square one

Pandemic fatigue
life in a constant circle
time to face the truth.

— -Bhaiku, June 2021

What is chemistry;

something I don’t trust


Conversations that

last late into the night;

think little of it.

What is chemistry;

nothing more than a smokescreen

designed to fool.

Chemistry without

great compatibility;

the path to nowhere.

“Time for lunch!”

Ah, finally.

You hurriedly reach out for your wallet and tissue packet, while making no effort to conceal the growls from your stomach. You’re starving and if it were up to you, you would have gone for lunch sooner.

Just then, you hear the words every O-lunch-HANA tribe member never wants to hear when they are hungry.

“Slow and Loris aren’t back from the meeting, guys! Guess we’ll wait for them till they’re done.”

You fall back into your seat with slumped shoulders and a face with grumpiness written all over it.

Why must I wait for…

I loooove looove LOVEEE how there’s a ton of synergy between fashion, interior design and nature.

Nature-inspired colours such as forest green and terracotta influence the colours used in both furniture design and interior decorating. It also has a heavy influence in fashion — the fashion e-commerce company I work for has already launched several collections that are heavy on neutral hues since the start of this year.

I am SO SO SO glad I got to watch Kelly Wearstler’s Masterclass series on Interior Design recently. Thankful for that because after watching the entire series, I realised how much I…

Last Saturday I met my friend for brunch and we made an impromptu trip to the National Gallery which was just around the corner from our brunch place. It’s my second or third time visiting the museum during this post-covid period and looks like I’m starting to appreciate a few things:

1. The experience of reading the exhibit’s description while simultaneously looking at it to understand its purpose.

I like experiencing more than collecting the memories made in the museum so I don’t usually take many pictures, but this time I wanted to document a little something so snapped a…

Branding to a product/service is what air is to us.
It’s an absolute necessity, not for just a few months or years but an investment for eternity — or until you wish to keep your business.

So branding is all of these:

Brand logo: From the colours to the typography used, your logo will shape the way customers perceive your brand.
Product packaging: Today, it’s an experience to receive a product by mail and unbox it. Customers value this experience and brands know this. They’ve even gone as far as investing in fancy, non-sustainable packaging for people whose word of…

cold rainy day
thinking about living life

the mind, a sponge
soaking up stimuli
I bring into my world.

the heart, a soft pillow
welcoming everyone
even the nasties.

the body, a temple
serving me tirelessly
without expectation.

the soul, an observer
wondering when i’ll come to
my senses.

Bhavani K

Curious about words, the world and everything in between.

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